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Ramping up for TN Pirate Fest (May 22-23, 29-30-31, 2021)

RRR you ready for some piratical fun? After a year of cancelled shows, the covid vaccine is offering a path forward for 2021. So, we are busy penciling in professional acts, writing scripts, and planning local street character auditions.

Our new pirate scenario centers around the notorious historical gentleman pirate, Captain Jean Lafitte. Our historical time and place is 1814 near New Orleans. The British Navy want to enlist Lafitte's help to lead a surprise attack on the Americans at New Orleans via his domain of Barataria Bay. To show his hospitality and buy some time to hatch a plan, Lafitte invites the British to a festival. Comedy and drama ensues!

Here is a link to a famous song about the Battle of New Orleans.

Stay tuned for updates!

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