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Meet the Royal Players!

Interactive Street Characters

Theatrically portraying the year 1814 in Barataria, near New Orleans, Louisiana,

Near the climatic end of the War of 1812 with the British

TN Pirate Fest 2021

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Pirates of Barataria 

  • Captain Jean Lafitte  (Garrett Wright) - Master Pirate.  King of Barataria.  Chivalrous French bad boy 

  • Captain Trey Cook  (Jake Gardner, fight assistant 2) - Pirate Captain loyal to Lafitte.  "Little John" to Lafitte's Robin Hood

  • Renato Beluche  (Colin Sheppard) - Pirate Cannoneer under Captain Cook.  Young French "Pepe le Pew"

  • Dominique Youx  (Enoch Banks) - Pirate Cannoneer, under Captain Cook.  French "Falstaff"

  • Captain Brown  (Richard Medicus) - Mutinous Pirate Captain under Lafitte.  Father of Bonnie Brown

  • Bonnie Brown  (Suzi Houser) - Pirate Captain Brown's fiery daughter.  Loves/hates Lafitte

  • Horatio Blunderbuss  (Richard Owens) - Harbour Master of Barataria.  Host with the most

  • Jyn Rummy  (Rachel Parrott) - Pub owner and party girl in Barataria.  Hostess with the mostess 

  • Paulene "Polly" Parrott  (Lydia Nicholson) - Street urchin and wannabe pirate

  • Captain Anne Bonny  (Abby Langford) - Visiting pirate captain seeking crewe and interviewing with Lafitte

  • Jack Tar  (Alex Crumley) - First Mate to Captain Anne Bonny and older brother keeping track of her


  • Captain Davy Jones  (Carson Hunt/Joe McBrien 5/22) - Supernatural ferryman of souls to the underworld

  • Swabbie Cotton Luce  (Joe McBrien 5/29) - Unfortunate swabbie in charge of Captain Brown's prize ship

  • Calypso  (Ari Spencer) - Supernatural soul of the sea.  Communicates with all creatures, living or not

  • Crazy Alice  (Leia Barker) - Lost soul, driven to madness while desperately searching for another lost soul

  • Yum Yum  (Blake Hunt) - Cannibal.  What's left of Koopa Kai Tribe.  Unknown son of Captain Brown

  • Irene Highwater  (Emma Hunt) - Ghostly dancer whose life was cut short when Captain Brown sank her ship

  • Mr. Jonah Rogers  (Matt Pfeiffer) - Cannoneer left on an island by Captain Brown so he could escape

  • Rowan A. Boat  (Rowan Powers) - Powder "boy" to cannoneer, Mr. Jonah Rogers

  • Sun Through Water, Green River Mermaid  (Jamie Buchanan-Wood) - Opera singing mermaid

  • Ruby, Tropical Mermaid  (Diamond Martin) - Redheaded singing mermaid

  • Mermaid Mary  (Mary Katherine Rogers) - The happy bubbly mermaid from the Caribbean (May 30-31 only)

New Orleans Socialites

  • William C.C. Claiborne  (Adam Vogt) - Governor of Louisiana.  Keeping track of daughter, Annabelle

  • Lady Annabelle Claiborne  (Emily Pallotta) - Daughter of Governor.  Has bad boy celebrity crush on Lafitte

  • Lady Mercy Mee  (Brionna Alonso) - Young socialite friend of Annabelle Claiborne

  • Lady Sophia Cushion  (Angel Harvey) - Socialite friend of Governor Claiborne.  Has crush on Governor

  • Lady Iona Lott  (Cassie Nicholson) - Socialite friend of Sophia Cushion.  Tends to brag 


British Red Coats

  • Commodore Bell  (J. Weston Taylor) - British diplomat in command of fleet about to attack New Orleans

  • Colonel "Mad Jack" McMadd  (Aaron Hinds) - Second in command of fleet.  Ruthlessly mad at Americans

  • Captain "Chaz" Ball  (W. William Neudorff II) - Captain of Royal marines.  The wise but salty one

  • Leftenant Rightly  (Geoffrey Parker) - Loyal right-hand man to Captain Ball.  The chivalrous one

  • Private Longbottom  (Donnie Peltz; fight assistant 1) - Royal marine.  The dreamy one.  Has long dark locks.   

  • Private Collection  (Eli Welton) - Royal marine.  The jokester.  Likes to collect things

  • Private Parkour  (Cameron Cook) - Royal marine.  The athlete.  Likes to jump over things ("parkour")  

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