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Rules of the Realm

TN Medieval Faire & TN Pirate Fest

General Information:

  • No outside food or drink (unless you have a medical condition or have food for a baby).

  • Ticket booth at entrance can accept cash or credit.  Inside drink ticket booth only accepts cash to make change.  Vending booths accept cash and most accept credit.

  • No ammo, loaded guns or cannons allowed--permit carrier or not--(unless you are festival security).

  • All costume/display weapons must be rendered safe.  Metal sword, dagger, etc. must be sheathed.  All swords and daggers, including wooden and plastic, must be peace-tied with cable/zip-ties.  No play fighting except in a controlled setting such as the fight game.

  • Parking is free. The lots are relatively flat grass fields with gravel roadways.  Park at your own risk. The Faire is not responsible for your vehicles security or damage from other patron’s vehicles.

  • Handicap parking is available near the ticket house. Please inform the parking staff as you enter. Space is limited, so please consider others.

  • People with mobility issues should be aware that the property will be somewhat challenging. The grounds are dirt, gravel, and grass with rolling topography.  There are no paved or gravel walkways.

  • Pets are not allowed on site except for service animals. Pets will not be allowed to be left in the owner’s car.

  • Rules on Alcohol:

  1. Admission tickets will not be sold to persons appearing to be intoxicated.

  2. You must be 21 to drink alcohol and required to show proof (valid photo ID).

  3. For convenience, get a free wrist band when buying your admission ticket.

  4. You may not purchase multiple drinks at once or buy alcohol for others not present.

  5. You will not be served if you show signs of inebriation.

  • Costumes should be family-friendly.  Shoes are a must. 

  • Inclement weather: Darkhorse Entertainment events are held rain or shine except in the case of extreme severe weather. However, some performances, games, or rides may have to be rescheduled or their show modified in very wet conditions.

  • First Aid, Information, & Lost & Found: A tent providing these services can be found between the entrance and the back of the ticket house.

  • No onsite public camping, but places to camp or stay are nearby (click on link)

  • If a patron is disruptive, they may be asked to leave.

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