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Tennessee Pirate Fest

Royal Player Street Character


Feb 6* 3:15-5pm ET

*If cannot make this audition date, we can schedule a convenient time

Rehearsals Saturday's mid-Feb-May,

Shows May 22-23, 29-30-31


SEEKING adults of all ages, sizes, and levels to play costumed street characters the our Pirate Fest. 

(Mature minors will be considered if they have theatrical experience and reliable transportation.)

Currently seeking:

  • Older French Falstaff-type character, Dominique Youx;

  • Governor's beautiful young daughter, Annabelle Claiborne;

  • New Orleans socialites,

  • Townspeople,

  • Pirate crewe, and

  • Trail of Doom interactive characters (ghosts, zombies, cannibals, etc.).

To audition:


1) Review show premise and characters (click on link)

2) Fill out online contact form (click on link)

3) For 1st audition, be prepared to:

a) SPEAK in an English, Pirate, and/or French accent

b) SING any song in your key (1 verse 1 chorus or happy birthday)

c) READ for characters that interest you (see buttons for scripts below)

d) DEMONSTRATE MOVEMENT (if interested in choreography).  Sending separate short video(s) is recommended. 

4) Contact Barrie the entertainment director at or 865-466-1902 to schedule a time to audition via VIDEO (by Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Zoom).  (Sat 2/6 3:15-5:00 pm ET.  If you cannot make this audition date/time, contact Barrie to schedule).  15 minute slots for returning actors, 30-40 minutes for new actors.

5) If new, please send a recent selfie (by Facebook Messenger, Text, or Email), so we can put a name with a face.

6) If you have any questions, please contact Barrie c: 865-466-1902

NOTE:  If you pass the first audition, you will EITHER be cast in a general role to start (e.g. pirate, socialite, townsperson, marine) OR invited to video call backs on 2/13 to read with other actors to determine your specific part in the ensemble.  Continued refinement of all characters will occur during rehearsals.


  • For Dominique Youx, read Lafitte v Dominque. 

  • For Annabelle, read Lafitte v Annabelle and Annabelle and Friends. 

  • For female New Orleans socialites, read Annabelle and Friends. 

  • For male New Orleans socialites read Governor v Major Domo and Gov v Blunderbuss

  • For general pirates, read Capt Morgan v Pansy script. 

  • For townswomen, read 3 Townswomen.  

  • For Trail of Doom characters, read Brown v Davy Jones ToD. 

  • For young male marines, read 3 Marine Privates

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