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Here Ye, Here Ye!

Live the Age of Chivalry

Tennessee Medieval Faire


The year is 1199 during the High Middle Ages.  King Richard has gone on Crusade and left his wicked younger brother, Prince John, to rule until his return.  Taking advantage of the situation, the Prince enriches his own coffers and rules with an iron fist.


The only thorn in the Prince's side is Robin Hood, King Richard's loyal subject, now an outlaw living in Sherwood Forest.  Robin and his friends rob from the rich and give to the poor, gaining the support of the people of Nottingham to rebel against the Prince's tyranny.  In response, the Prince has enlisted the notoriously cruel and arrogant Sheriff of Nottingham to rout out Robin and his merry friends.  They are outlaws, after all.


The Sheriff hatches a plan to hold a grand festival in honor of the Prince's birthday.  The Prince accepts and brings his young fiancé, Izabella; the beautiful Lady Marian, the King's ward; and their entourage.  The Sheriff also aspires to gain nobility by marrying Lady Marian.  The Sheriff then lures in Robin Hood and his merry friends by claiming “amnesty for all.”    It's a master plan, but who will be the mouse and who will be the cheese?  Come and see! 


Enjoy all day family-friendly outdoor entertainment!  Live jousting, combat chess, comedy shows, Celtic music, games and activities, crafts, food, and beverages (including beer) by order of the Royal Decree!

Live the Age of Chivalry!

Historical references: 

  • King Richard on crusade from 1189 to 1199 (died).  In 1194, Richard officially pardoned John.

  • Prince John married twice:   Isabella, Countess of Gloucester​​ (m. 1189; ann. 1199)​; Isabella, Countess of Angoulême ​​ (m. 1200; w 1216)​

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