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These were our October 2014 acts

we give thanks and shall look forward to adding to the already high standards set by all.

please view our Gallery


·         The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Operas  Dynamic interactive comedies

·         Acrobatrix  Comedy circus spectacular

·         The Steele Sisters  Comedic sisterly sword-play

·         Fool’s Gold Pyrates  Singing pirate comedy

·         In a Pickle  Comedy stunt show

·         Copernicus Simplified  Interactive, improvisational comedy

·         Human Combat Chess  Theatrical sword-fighting

·         Tournament of Champions  Society of Creative Anachronism

·         Fencing Games  Knoxville Academy of the Blade

·         Dendarah Middle Eastern Dance Company  Belly dancers

·         Lark in the Morn English Country Dancers

·         Olta & Davock Walkere  Celtic band & solo artist

·         Pasttime With Good Company Dynamic singing group

·         Bravura Music Academy  Young troubadours & trobairitzs

·         St. Andrew’s Prayer Service  Interactive, period prayer service

·         Great Highland Bagpipes

·         Street Characters, including King Henry VIII

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